Product Overview

iQniter Cardio Training is a market leading solution for heart rate monitoring in group fitness activities such as indoor cycling, group exercise classes, and gym training. The new version is seamlessly compatible with Suunto’s online sports community, which opens a range of new opportunities for fitness clubs and club members to monitor their workouts.

With iQniter Cardio Training, club members can have their workout data automatically sent to their personal training journal on In addition to Cardio Training workouts; club members can keep track of their training outside the fitness club by using a compatible Suunto watch or their iPhone through the movescount app.


What’s New In iQniter Cardio Training

iQniter Cardio Training powered by Suunto, formerly known as Suunto Fitness Solution, is a leap forward for realtime heart rate monitoring, making it even more easy to design classes, run sessions, and get detailed group and individual reports anywhere.

With its emphasis on cloud-based technology, the iQniter Cardio Training system can allow a trainer better control of participant’s experience as well as more detailed feedback to tailor that experience. New downloadable modules allow you the flexibility to expand the software the way you want.


  • Modular, flexible, scalable
  • Stand alone / server solution
  • New modules and features
  • Cloud-based
  • Session sharing
  • Cloud-based patches and hot-fixes
  • Easy import/export of information from older version.
  • Integrated with Suunto’s fitness social network

The Modules

basiQ is the core of iQniter Cardio Training.

Utilizing the Suunto Team Pod, along with up to 72 Dual Comfort heart rate belts, iQniter cardio training can display and monitor participant’s heart rates and training effect in real time.

basiQ includes an instructor screen, giving the instructor control over the workout, as well as the ability to project the participant’s screen to TV or projector. The sytem integrates heart rate monitoring, calorie counting, and multiple colour-coded intensity scales to provide motivating visual feedback.

Fully integrated with Suunto’s online sports community, iQniter Cardio Training will upload participant’s data automatically for review, as well as automatically email detailed participant and instructor reports after workouts.

  biQing, specially designed for biking   admiQ, Full featured Participant Management
iQniter Cardio Training BiQing iQniter Cardio Training AdmiQ
Free Standalone instructor
planning tool; design the ultimate workout session for playback in realtime.

• Design custom workout sessions
• Create an unlimited number of stages – each with custom duration and training intensity.
• Upload to the cloud, download
at the club.
• Session, Stages, Steps
• Instructor Cue Cards
• Multiple intensity scales
• Session sharing
• Search and reuse workouts
• Easy copy/cut/paste

BasiQ +

Add-on to the basic system enables deployment and playback of cloud-based workout sessions made with session designer.

• Session search/download
• Graphical session overview
• Graphical target monitoring
• Instructor Cue Cards
• Time counters
• Instructor login

Standalone module for registration and belt management.

• Participant & belt registration
• Session history and feedback
• Multiple units (kg/lbs)
• Participant backup
• Settings
• Review or email stored session summary reports.
• Review or email individual
participant reports.
• Customize training zones


Typical Setup

A typical iQniter Cardio Training setup:

1) Participants with registered Dual Comfort Belts work out while their belts transmit heart rate data.

2) A computer with attached Suunto Team Pod receives and processes the signal. The Instructor monitors the class using the instructor screen interface, while the class screen is displayed on an attached TV or digital projector.

3) As the workout proceeds, data is recorded, and then uploaded to, as well as emailed automatically in the form of detailed reports for the instructor and individual participants.

diagram of typical iQniter Cardio Training setup

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